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BAI (Body Adiposity Index) Definition

Maintaining your health in today’s modern world is all about understanding how your body works and knowing the numbers. The more science learns about the specifics of how the body processes food, burns calories, and stores fat, the easier it is to adjust the type of activities that you are doing to burn off fat and unwanted calories in order to discover the new you. However, it can be expensive to hire personal trainers or regularly visit a physician in order to attain the vital readings for your body on a regular basis.

Simplify Health

One very important number in the world of fitness is your BAI or Body Adiposity Index. This number relies on a formula that is designed to measure the amount of body fat a person possesses based on certain data points. It is possible to calculate this number yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home when you have the right formula. For people concerned about their health who tremble at the idea of a mathematical formula, there is an easy solution for keeping an eye on this number that is a mere click away.

The BAI online calculator has been developed by Calculator Pro, allowing people to enter a few simple facts in order to keep their body fat percentage constantly at their fingertips. Users simply gather the following information for immediate results:

  1. Gender
  2. Hip circumference
  3. Height
  4. Age

Once this data is entered, click on the calculate tab in order to view your readings. The process is that simple. The calculator will display your BAI number in terms of body fat percentage, and it will also tell you whether or not this number is average for your age or if you are considered to be over or underweight.

Embrace the Applications

Thanks to the generosity of the developers, you can add this free calculator to your own website. This program will increase the professional appearance of any page that is geared towards fitness and health. The calculator can be used in the standard form as it appears on the original site, or it can be customized in order to match the design of your current layout. This calculator also has a link to Facebook, allowing one to share its benefits with friends and family who are also fighting the battle against weight gain. In addition to the BAI calculator, the people behind Calculator Pro offer other calculators that are geared towards maintaining one’s health. These valuable tools include:

  • The Daily Calorie Calculator
  • The VO2 Max Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator

What You Can Gain

One’s BAI number is important in terms of keeping up with the progress that you are making during exercises and dieting. Because body weight does not come into play, this number actually differs from the traditional Body Mass Index (BMI) readings. In addition to offering a more simplified formula, this reading can be a good indicator of the risk for metabolic and cardiovascular disease in a clinical setting.