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Boozy hair wash

Boozy hair wash

Boozy hair wash

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Beer can work wonders on tired and damaged hair. What better way to have a nice evening than with a pint of beer. However, you don't necessarily have to drink it.

You may not realise this but the fizzy stuff can work wonders on your hair by adding nutrition and a shine. A beer wash can leave your locks feeling voluptuous and silky without spending extra cash on new products. This old-fashioned tip dates way back and since it's so easy, why not try it out?

A malt variety is the best choice for this process, as the proteins found in the hops and malts have been proven to help repair damaged hair.

It's recommended you open your bottle or can first, allowing it to go flat and lukewarm. Leaving it over night should ensure all the fizz and alcohol leaves the liquid.

Before you turn to your homemade brew wash your hair with shampoo as normal to make sure you remove any dirt that may be lurking.

Now onto the beer rinse. To add a pleasant fragrance to the concoction slip in a few drops of essential oil into the beer, such as lemon or rosemary. These fresh scents will have people asking what amazing product you used on your hair to get it smelling so gorgeous.

Mix in a bowl to make sure the oil is evenly distributed. At this stage you could boil the liquid with a splash of water to infuse it more, but it isn't vital.

Rather than pouring the entire contents of the bowl over your head straight away dip your damp tips into the bowl to cater to any split ends you may have. After that you can get stuck in and coat your entire head in the beer mixture. Massage the liquid into your scalp thoroughly as this well encourage hair growth and stimulate your roots. To let the potion really get to work leave it to sink in for around ten minutes. If you rinse it off too quick you'll miss out on all the benefits that come from the beer, which would defeat the entire point of the process!

The good thing about this mixture is that it can keep for up to two weeks if contained in a sealed, glass bottle. If you don't fancy a boozy wash you can always add a small amount of the beer into your normal shampoo, giving it a consistency which you may feel more comfortable handling.

Once you've left it to sink in rinse your hair with warm water, giving it a cold blast at the end to keep the shine. While you want to ensure you don't have any beer left in your locks you don't want to rinse it out 100 percent. You'll notice how soft and bouncy your hair feels afterwards and if you make a regular habit of it, perhaps once a month, it will only get smoother and silkier as time goes on.

So next time you have a left over bottle of beer or simply can't finish, you know what to do.